Bricksmaven Changelog

13 MAY 2024

Subscription holders now have access to the remote template


Follow these steps to start working with the remote template:

Step 1
Go to your account > order > order details > View order and downloads > Scroll all the way down and copy the license keys

Step 2
Go to the remote library settings in Bricks(from the WP backend > Bricks > Settings > Templates)

Step 3
Add the following data:

Name: [ACSS/CSS/CORE/PROPS] Bricksmaven(You can choose your own unique name)

Step 4
Save settings and go to the Bricks editor

Step 5
Connect to the remote template! That’s all!

03 May 2024

Added the following blocks to the library:
Hero 53, 54 & 55
Logo 12

Added 355 block to Bricksprops remote template. In the coming 2 weeks the rest of the blocks should be available in the remote template and library. This means that the Bricksprops subscription will be available. Only the LTD is available at the moment.

Added a prefix(bm-) to the Bricksprops block classes and also several fixes to the structure of the blocks. This same updates will also be done in the other libraries.

ACSS header category has also bene updated. We switched from grid to flexbox and also added prefixes to the classes.

29 MAR 2024

Portfolio section 5 & 6 have been added to the remote and online library.

We forgot to add 2 other blocks namely Gallery 11 & 12.

20 MAR 2023

New blocks added to the remote templates
Modal 11
Feature 39 & 40
Gallery 12
Content 34, 35, & 36
Hero 50, 51 & 52
Grid 32

These blocks will soon be added to the library in the next update this week.

02 FEB 2024

All ACSS block have received a placeholder image instead of a stockphoto image

The new blocks will show a placeholder image in the Alpha template library. We will slowly start removing all the stockphoto’s in the library and remote template. The new figma file will also have placeholder images. We are aiming for a full wireframe library.

We added the following blocks:
Hero 46, 47, 48 & 49
Content 33

We have been receiving a lot of feedback from you guys and have been making changes to several blocks.